What Is Faith Fitness?

Faith Fitness is a time of fitness and fellowship, moving our bodies as an act of worship.

Each session will begin with a message and a scripture, followed by a 30-40 minute cardio and strength workout, focusing on our bodies as a whole.

Your Coach

April Slavey

My name is April Slavey. I am an AAAI-registered fitness instructor with a focus on group training and a Fitness Teacher Gospel Preacher with Revelation Wellness.

I am fulfilling the dream that began in 2017: combining my love of Jesus, people and fitness, meeting people where they are, and helping them be healthy and whole, inside and out, through exercise and the gospel message.


“Working out at home bores me to tears and there are so many virtual coaches right now, but it’s your own determination to keep going, your outlook, your smile, that keeps me motivated and brings a little fun to my basement. Plus, you do actually see us, care what we’re doing, care if we show up or not- that keeps me from slipping into the black hole of virtual workouts.”

Elizabeth S.

“April, you are true disciple so your morning inspirations are so beneficial to carry me throughout the day. Not only are your workouts awesome in giving me strength but you are strengthening me even more so spiritually.  I cannot thank you enough!”

Cyndi T.

“It’s tough to stay motivated working out by myself but you make me accountable because you show up! I love that we are still working out “together”, it makes this crazy time less annoying. The workouts are motivating and the inspiring messages provide a great start to my day. Thanks for helping us all get through this stressful time with peace, fitness and burpees! ”